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Lawn Mowing

One-off or a regular mowing service is available or choose weekly fortnightly or monthly. Regular lawn mowing and garden maintenance can also enhance your garden and add value to your home.

Difficult Section To Mow?

Do you have an unsightly overgrown section that obscures your outdoor view? Can't be bothered weedeating that hilly bit?  Give yourself one less hassle this weekend and get Dave to tackle that job.We do the jobs that you love to hate.


Edging is crisp and clean and gives that fininshing touch.


Leaf Blowing

After all property work Dave blows away leafs and depri to make your garden & lawn look refreshed 

Bark & Stones

Is your garden looking a little shabby Dave can bark or stone it to give a totally new look.Whether your garden needs a complete over- haul or just a spruce up.

Weed Control

We offer weed control to get your garden or lawn looking fantastic.
We can also provide organic alternatives for the most environmentally conscience customer.

Rental Maintenance

Tenants not so keen on weeding the small garden beds or along paths or driveways ? Put your mind at ease and let Dave take care of your investment for you.


We plant new Trees,plants or seedlings. 

Hedging, Trees & Shrubs


Hedges require regular care to look their best. Leave the hard and sometimes high work to us. A well manicured hedge can instantly improve the look of any garden or property.


Correct pruning of your plants not only keeps them in shape, but keeps them healthy too. It has many benefits including growth and maintains plant health. Reduces the risks associated with falling branches,debris or trimming neighbours overhanging trees etc.

Plant Removal

We remove dead, diseased or damaged plants. Then clean up and take away the rubbish

Questions? Job not listed above?

We are happy to discuss any queries.


For honest and affordable prices, contact us for a no obligation quote.

Dave's Lawn & Garden Services invoices upon the completion of the job. Invoices are due 7 days from service.


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